AND DISRUPTING MINDSETS  — (Minority•That•Work) is a motion design studio of thinkers based in Davao City, Philippines that introduces research methods in engaging human stories through animation and any other form of moving experiences.

We visualize content with our deep understanding of the production process and aims to project visual-minded people together as a strategic unit of expressing the clients’ shared values, thoughts and needs.

The creative direction is led by Megan Palero — a Motion Designer specializing in broadcast and design research. In his 10th year of formative experience in the multimedia industry, he envision of having a network of creatives from the different spectrum in the community to communicate with each other in a meaningful way of producing work for commercial/social campaign and brand identities.

As a Minority, we are hopeful to cultivate creative influences to the community as the world is our workplace to create and live.
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